Why blog about Project Management?

Project Management is something that a number of us practice in our daily lives without even realising it, and it’s something that I’ve been involved with since late 2006.

I’m keen to develop my personal thoughts and thinking on project management and thought that a blog could be one way of achieving this. As someone who learns by sharing and explaining things to others, I hope to challenge myself to think more deeply about the work I do and consider ways that I can improve how I work. I also hope that this will be found useful by others out there who are considering project management as a career choice or even seasoned project managers who want to share some PM stories.

By blogging, it also means my other half doesn’t have to put with my ramblings and mutterings (a bonus for her!)

Within the world of Project Management, there are a number of buzzwords, methods, practices and training paths and to someone starting out it can all seem a bit overwhelming. I hope to shed some light on these areas and explain them in an easy to understand way.

The initial goals of my blogging are:

  1. Sharing some of my personal project experiences
  2. Talking about various aspects important to a project
  3. Discussing the tools available that can help your project succeed
  4. Sharing thoughts and ideas from other project managers
  5. Demystify some of the buzzwords of project management

These goals will no doubt evolve and change as the blog grows, however they capture what my initial intention is.

Initially I intend to mix the concepts of home and work projects as there is a lot of overlap in terms of how to be a successful, but at times I’ll focus on different areas. While my experience lies predominately within the IT world, I won’t be aiming to dwell on technical details.

So, let’s get on with it! :-)